The Ambassador Hotel – an infamous property and scene of the tragic events of June 5, 1968 – was the setting for our film.  Unfortunately, it was being demolished to make way for a new school.  We were the last company to shoot there, restoring its facade and the Coffee Shop while the wrecking ball worked nearby.  Director Emilio Estevez and I wanted to suggest the hotel as both past and present, with its flamboyant history and fading persona.  The remainder of the hotel was created at buildings around Southern California built within a few years of the hotel:  the kitchen of the Santa Anita Racetrack; the lobby created in the Park Plaza Hotel with much work; the Cocoanut Grove and Pool are reworked locations in Agora, CA.  Much of the film was shot on stage sets: the Ballroom and Pantry, Hotel Rooms, Offices and Beauty Parlour.


Emilio wanted the audience to feel ‘in the moment’ and not like they were looking at an historical document.  I wanted to evoke the qualities of light and color that make images from that time unforgettable.