In October 2011, I was asked by LACMA director Michael Govan to “reframe” an exhibition of Stanley Kubrick ephemera that had been organized by the Deutches Filmmuseum in Frankfurt. It was a great pleasure to spend a year considering the director and his films. For the exhibition at LACMA, we wanted to take on the question of how one represents film in a museum setting. My aim was to design an experience through which one could comprehend the eye, mind and hand of Kubrick, using image and text, fracturing and intensification, memory and association. I emulated cinematic qualities in the gallery: Looking up at a luminous screen, constructing sight lines that generate relations between object and image, forming complicated tableaux for the viewer. This is the kind of perceptual activity museums contextualize so well.


I came to a deeper, personal understanding of the process and meaning of each of Kubrick’s films over the course of my work and tried to convey this knowledge through the exhibition design and in the texts that appear throughout. The exhibition was on view in Los Angeles November 2012 – June 2013.