For the Fox series Hieroglyph, director Miguel Sapochnik and I envisioned our Egypt by way of the 20s, when Howard Carter first opened Tutankhamen’s tomb and Egyptian design entered European consciousness via the photograph for the first time, setting art and design aflame, giving rise to Art Deco and in the new medium of film, what would become Film Noir. Our project was set in an imagined Egypt yet often we just represented, faithfully, the strangeness that was Egypt c.1250bc to evoke the mis en scene…a thousand years before Roman influence, in the time of Cleopatra, would dilute Egyptian design.


Perhaps in everyone’s career there is one project never to be seen for which we do work we are proud of. The sets were built on stage in New Mexico and the exteriors in Morocco, with two marvelous crews. It was a colossal task of research and design in a short amount of time. It was thrilling. And then it was all put in the dumpster.